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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Kerry's Plan

It is becoming more and more obvious that John Kerry is planning on withdrawing our troops after he is elected. He will blame the withdrawal on lack of diplomacy (France and Russia not wanting to send or train troops, etc.) which is all Bush's fault, NATO not wanting to get involved, and finally he will blame it on the Iraqis themselves by telling Americans that the Iraqis no longer want us there or in the region.

After reading this from RED State, I am in total agreement with his analysis of John Kerry's interview on NPR. Although I disagree with the author's unhappiness with how the President is handling the war, I do agree with how he sees John Kerry.

It is a haunting read.

I am still waiting for John Kerry to finally say it, "After I am elected and soon after I am sworn in as President, I will withdraw all troops from Iraq and bring them home!"

He will say it because that is what the Liberals want to hear. None of them (Michael Moore, Hollywood actors, etc.) have said they want the troops to stay put. Kerry listens to these people because he is a Liberal. The only way to please these people is to end the war......not stay with it.

I am afraid that is the John Kerry plan.


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