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Monday, August 16, 2004

W stands for Women

Some info about George W. Bush:

Did you know: that President Bush supports giving employees the option of voluntarily taking time off instead of receiving overtime pay? President Bush wants to help working parents balance the demands of work and home by giving them access to comp-time and flex-time arrangements. (Find out more:

2. Small business

Did you know: that President Bush recognizes that small businesses are vital to our economy and way of life? His 6-point economic plan assists small businesses and the people they employ.

Did you know: that under the President's Jobs and Growth Act, 25 million small business owners and entrepreneurs are receiving an average tax cut of $3,000 in 2004? These dollars create jobs, opportunity, and ability for women to expand their businesses.

Did you know: that the President's budget provides funding for small business owners? Combined with this year's increase, his budget for next year will have doubled the level of loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA). (Find out more:

3. Tax Relief

Did you know: that in 2004, 81 million women will save, on average, $1,878 due to the President's tax relief packages?

Did you know: that the President led the effort to double the child tax credit from $500 per child to $1,000 per child? Unless this provision is extended, in 2005 the child tax credit will fall from $1,000 to $700, raising taxes for 28 million families.

4. Job Creation

Did you know: that the economy has posted job gains for each of the last 11 months - creating 1.5 million jobs since August 2003, including 32,000 new jobs in July according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics?

Now you know!! Good news indeed.


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