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Monday, August 16, 2004

The Commander-in-Chief Speaks

Bush gave a speech today outlining his adminsitration's plans to move US troops in ways not seen since the Korean War. His speech also takes on John Kerry's accusations about Bush's lack of funding for the War in is a powerful speech:

"Bush also took a pointed shot at both Kerry and Edwards. The president argued that over the past four years, his administration has enacted the largest increase in defense spending since the Reagan era, increased military pay by 21 percent, provided better housing, training and maintenance for the military. In the supplemental budget request sent to Congress last September, Bush added, he proposed more money for body armor, hazard pay, health benefits, fuel, ammunition, spare parts and other items.

Twelve senators voted against the legislation, "two of whom were my opponent and his running mate," Bush said.

Taking another swipe at Kerry, Bush noted that the senator has said while he voted in favor of the $87 war funding package earlier in the year, his vote against the supplemental was a "complicated matter."

"There's nothing complicated about supporting our troops in combat," Bush countered."

And Veterans' affairs....

"Bush also vowed that his administration would further help the nation's veterans who fought in various wars overseas throughout the years. Kerry has used his veteran status much on the campaign trail and is trying to round up most of the veteran vote.

"Our nation's veterans have made serving America the highest priority of their lives and serving our veterans is one of the highest priorities of my administration," Bush said, pointing out that so far, his administration has "a solid record of accomplishment for our veterans."
If Bush's proposed 2005 budget passes Congress, it would increase overall funding for veterans by almost $20 billion — a 40 percent increase since 2001.

"We have increased funding for our veterans more in four years than the previous administration did in eight years," Bush said.

Veterans' medical funding has increased by 41 percent over the past four years; since 2001, the government has enrolled 2.5 million more veterans in health-care services, increased outpatient visits from 44 million to 54 million and increased the number of prescriptions filled for this demographic from 98 million to 116 million. The backlog of disability claims has been reduced by about one-third, Bush said, and the processing time has been cut by 70 days.
"We're getting the job done," Bush said."

Damn straight.


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