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Monday, August 09, 2004

Special Forces POW Letter

Found this on Blackfive's is awesome!

More and more Vietnam Vets are coming out to speak about John Kerry's 4 months in Vietnam.

None of it is pretty............

Mudville Gzzette has an interview you should read. It shows the real motives behind Kerry's accusers. They won't be bullied into silence like Clinton's sexual conquests. These guys are out there and will remain out there in the limelight for 3 more months.

Is this an adequate defense for John Kerry? This Robert Musil seems to think that "two wrongs make it right" will hold up.....

"Let's take some time out for a reality check. Yes, there is considerable evidence - and always has been - that John Kerry has exaggerated certain aspects of his military record but so have a great many very brave and noble combat veterans throughout history - and it has always been that way, in and after every war. To get a sense of how this is integrated into American culture, one might spend a few nights cozied up with some vintage movies from, say, the 1930's and 1950's, in which actors playing family members of veterans recount affectionately how the veteran's frequently retold war stories have him personally prevailing in the battle of, say, Chickamauga, Ypres or Guadalcanal. Or perhaps the reader has personal experience with such a cherished veteran - many people do. And it's not just ordinary servicemen who stretch the truth. General Douglas MacArthur, for example, was widely considered to have taken far too much credit for military successes in which he was involved - but that doesn't change the fact that MacArthur was a great general worthy of great respect:"

Looks like character doesn't count much to the Democrats......again. How can it? If it did count in this election, then Clinton/Gore would be revealed as lacking integrity. It seems the Dems want us to think that character and integrity are not needed in the Presidency of the United States.

At a time of War......I wholeheartedly disagree.

This book will be worth reading if character matters to you.........there is a great interview with the author on NRO too!

A sample:

Voters tend to forget that presidents are, first and foremost, people. If they are unbalanced, nasty, and hypocritical, that will be reflected in their judgment and job performance. If a friend, an electrician, a plumber, or a job applicant had a track record of acting unethically, being habitually late, or displaying the kind of unbalanced personality of a Johnson or a Nixon, few would want to deal with him. Yet in the case of presidents and other politicians, voters overlook the signs of poor character and focus instead on their acting ability on TV.

If a you discovered that a prospective employee was lying or exaggerating his record on his resume, would you hire him/her? Imagine they were running for President.........
And this:

"With Bush, there was an instant change," a former Secret Service agent told me. "He was punctual. Clinton was never on time for anything. It was embarrassing. Bush and his wife treated you normally, decently. They had conversations with us. The Clintons were arrogant, standoffish, and paranoid. Everyone got a morale boost with Bush. He was the complete opposite of Clinton."



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I had never seen that blog before. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to read more.

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