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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Back From the Dead!

Well, it has been over a year since I have written on this blog and I have missed it.

I finally graduated Suma Cum Laude from ASU West in May of 2005 and am now teaching Graphic Design at a local community college. Boy has it been fun!

I am glad to be "back from the dead" -meaning being a full time college student at age 37 wasn't easy. And many times I felt like I was a zombie.

But I did learn alot from being in college again...a Liberal college at that......and last year's election was the most educational experience for me than any other.


I tell you what, I met a lot of them at ASU West campus. From "Communist dictator supporters" to "former hippies" to "God-only-knows-what-they-believe-in-" types all over campus. I also met, shamedly, many military personell who felt it necessary to bad mouth their Commander-in-Chief as if to say, "Don't hate me since I am in the military because I hate Bush too!" They stood out as a bunch of gutless "wieners" to me. Especially since they never saw combat but acted as if they did.

I had to take a lot of art classes with many other artists who used these classes to produce anti-war artwork that soon became the norm around campus. I tell you, it would be a miracle for these Libs to come up with one origianl idea instead of the usual : War is Evil, George W. Bush is Hitler, etc. diatribe I saw all the time in class. I felt like screaming many times over.

Finally, last fall, I was forced to take a stand in class one night when my teacher was encouraging us to vote in the upcoming election. She was even giving us the night off to go vote. Of course, she claimed she wasn't "telling us how to vote" but she was. One student said it was okay for her to tell us how to vote and I sighed heavily and rolled my eyes. "Here we go again, " I thought to myself, another soliloquy by a former hippie teacher reliving the 60's for us again. Sheesh. Enough is enough!

I asked her if she felt that nothing good had come from the War in Iraq. She admitted in class that, yes, she felt some good had come from the war: Hussein was gone, so were his sons, people were free to vote, etc. Then came the usual Liberal comeback: BUT......

They always say that when they are forced to list the good things that have happened: "But....."

I stopped her and said that there was no "But..." and boy that made her mad.

I then quickly, before the others began screaming at me and foaming at the mouth, listed off the many good things that have happened in Iraq since the fall of Baghdad. She agreed that these were good things indeed.

I, again, quickly stated that there was no other way to get rid of Hussein other than removing him with force.

Thats when the others began yelling with their usual "100,000 civilians killed" ramblings. So, I hit them with another number: 300,000 civilians killed by their own ruler. One young man stated that number represented the people killed in the Iran/Iraq war and my TEACHER corrected him by saying that was not true. Hussein did kill 300,000 of his own people and they are uncovering many more mass graves. Nice try, though.

I brought up the UN Oil-for-food scandal (in my opinion, the best thing that has come out of this war!) and many other things like Libya giving up their WMD's, Spirit of America rebuilding with Marines in Iraq, many of the military blogs created, etc. The list went on and on.

I then noticed that no one was screaming at me and I had the floor. My teacher then decided we needed a break.

Nice timing.


In retrospect, I do believe that the election was the best time of strength in this country since World War II. I am glad that President Bush very glad you cannot imagine. I have never prayed so hard for anything in my life than for the President to win last November.

I learned a lot about my classmates and my teachers from the election. I learned a lot about myself as well.

Now I am on to bigger and better things as I teach art now and enjoy being a mom and wife again.

God is good.

It is good to have a blog so I can write this stuff down!!