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Sunday, June 18, 2006

John Murtha Loses it

John Murtha appeared on Meet the Press Sunday morning and the military bloggers are all over it:


"Russert played an interesting quote from Karl Rove to the effect that: if we bailed out of Iraq to leave it in shambles, what Persian Gulf nation would paint a target on its back by allowing us to operate from their soil with the implicit acceptance that if things went bad for them, the US would turn tail and run? Following that assertion, Russert queried Murtha on just how we could have taken out Zarqawi under such conditions. Without missing a beat Murtha accepted Rove's premise by claiming that the entire Zarqawi operation could have been run out of... Okinawa. Yeah, that's right, Okinawa. The basis of this claim is that Zarqawi was bombed (ostensibly from aircraft that could have come from outside Iraq) and therefore why not just pull chalks and slink back to Oki where we could comfortably launch bombing missions at will." [emphasis mine]


Blackfive and Froggy Ruminations blogger do a great job of explaining how the US running operations out of Okinawa is an insane premise. It is a scary thought that these Dems just might be in control of our national security in 2006.....I shudder at the thought.

I am sorry, but I think John Murtha has lost his mind. Like most Liberals, he hates the President so much that he has lost all rationality. He is no longer speaking coherently......he is nuts!

I find it interesting that he would declare what Clinton did in Somalia as a "victory" and a military tactic that we should follow now in Iraq when so many military personnel have considered Clinton's failed policy in Somalia a huge blunder that should never be repeated.

It just goes to show you that the Dems do not know how to fight or conduct a war since they are so completely inept at understanding the enemy and the military.

For Murtha to witness the obvious successes this past week in Iraq and yet not even acknowledge them as such is a disgrace to every soldier and Marine in Iraq now. Dems are just so blinded by their hatred and lust for revenge (Clinton's impeachment) that they are willing to make us lose in Iraq and completely do away with all that our military have accomplished over there just so they can say, "See! President Bush is a failure!" when they know it isn't true.

Murtha repeatedly states that we cannot win this war and that we are losing. Yet we are winning this war and we will claim final victory as long as we do stay the course.

People cry out, "Peace! We want peace!" Yet they don't know the definition of peace. Peace isn't just the absence of war, it is the presence of justice. The Iraqi people have experienced what justice is for the first time in 30 years. When they witnessed the mistreatment of prisoners in Abu Garaib, they were outraged. But they also saw those responsible brought to justice and dealt with.

They have seen Uday and Qusay Hussein brought to justice as well as Sadaam Hussein being brought to justice. These experiences are proof of peace being brought to the Iraqi people. War will pass, but they need to see the presence of justice in their country.

Is every part of the war perfect?? No, of course not. World War II had many failures before the successes were apparent. If the American people just hang on, we will see many victories in Iraq. But if we leave now and forsake the Iraqi people like we did the Vietnamese and Cambodian people, there will be hell on earth.

I thought it was so revealing when Murtha stated this: (Via: Expose the Left)

MURTHA: "The thing that disturbed me and worries me about this whole thing is we can’t get them to change direction. And I said over and over in debate, if you listen to any of it, in Beirut President Reagan changed direction, in Somalia President Clinton changed direction....... "

And Dems consider this a bad thing! The fact that they cannot get President Bush to change direction is what I love most about this President. President Reagan was wrong to cut and run from Beirut. Clinton was wrong to cut and run from Somalia........yet Dems see this tactic as a sign of victory.

Heck, even Bin Laden knows that cutting and running is a sign of weakness and failure.

I sure hope Dems get Murtha to run for President in 2008. It would be so great to see this Meet the Press interview over and over on campaign commercials!!