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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

FAKE Soldier Caught in Lies on Web


Thanks to Military bloggers out there.....Jessie Macbeth has been debunked!

Great work!!!!!!

TRUTH will prevail..........

Monday, May 08, 2006

CENTCOM: Captured Al Qaeda Documents

Apparently, CENTCOM has translated captured documents from Al Zarqawi's headquarters. They go on to explain that the insurgency is hurting and needs to re-vamp its strategy (or "strategery" ) because the Americans and Iraqi army are seriously hurting them.....

In other words.....WE ARE WINNING IN IRAQ. I know, I know, you probably won't hear about this on the ABC News or NBC News....

Via Michelle Malkin:

and PowerLine blogs:


"CENTCOM announced today that they had captured al-Qaeda correspondence in Iraq that discusses the state of the insurgency, especially around Baghdad but also around the entire country. Far from optimistic, the documents captured in an April 16th raid reveal frustration and desperation, as the terrorists acknowledge the superior position of American and free Iraqi forces and their ability to quickly adapt to new tactics:

"[T]he Americans and the Government were able to absorb our painful blows, sustain them, compensate their losses with new replacements, and follow strategic plans which allowed them in the past few years to take control of Baghdad as well as other areas one after the other. That is why every year is worse than the previous year as far as the Mujahidin’s control and influence over Baghdad."

Of course, those of us who keep up with blogs already knew all this, but pass this on to those who may only get their news from the Main Stream Media.....